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Content Strategy

Content Inventories + Information Architecture + Content Audits + Sitemaps + Content Migrations

Waste Management

Waste Management had a scattershot digital ecosystem with 50+ active domains and 10,000+ pages of content. After a complete content audit and assessment, we turned all of that into one useful and easy-to-use experience with e-commerce integration and SEO implementation. The new structure was based on user testing that proved customers exhibited two mindsets: service-minded and industry-minded.

  • 52% increase in organic search traffic.

  • Information architecture and content structure outperformed all industry success markers.


Allstate is available in all 50 states, each one with different insurance options, limits and laws. However, the internet and Allstate customers don’t necessarily care about state lines, so we had to create a digital ecosystem and website that worked for everyone, in every location. While the content strategy, content audit and backend logic were incredibly complex, all the user has to do to find insurance is fill in a few blanks. 

  • Increased key online conversions by over 67%.

  • Reduced the number of clicks in an average session by two.


J.Crew needed to transform their catalog-minded customer into every day online shoppers. We altered how J.Crew sells online, moving from a gender-based organization, with overwhelming secondary navigation, to a welcoming wardrobe that includes the extended filtering and sorting the modern shopper needs. We also built J.Crew a new design language system including content modules, navigation modules, UI patterns and page templates.

  • Over 20 duplicative categories eliminated, getting users to products quicker.

  • In testing, users shifted from a hunt and peck mentality to a smooth shopper building complete outfits.


MetroPCS needed their website to be as simple as their cell phone plans. I handled the content architecture, content strategy and SEO copywriting for their website, which had over 500 pages. We went on to create online advertising campaigns, including custom banner ads, online videos and shopping experiences, that consistently had a higher-than-average ROI.

  • Client quote: “The site is clean, clear and explains everything our customers need to know in a way they can understand.”

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