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Content Design

Content Models + Taxonomy + Content Testing + Templates + Conversation Design


With a truly global footprint, BCG has a difficult time keeping all employees on the same page. We were asked to identify a vision for BCG’s digital employee experience that drove value for the employees and the organization. The experience we created was grounded in insights from employees, business stakeholders and best practices. It connected, aligned and empowered BCG employees to do their best work while giving them access to relevant and updated information from anywhere in the world.

  • 30 user interviews across 10 countries.

  • Over 20 content sources gathered in one place with cross-platform access.
Capital One

Capital One wanted more than just an internal portal, they wanted a premiere destination to empower all associates and partners to engage with and execute the brand. We helped strengthen brand equity by providing clear, concise access to everyone through authentication, personalization and customization. After multiple stakeholder interviews we built an ecosystem map, user personas, content patterns and a governance plan that fully restructured the experience and make it fully responsive.

  • Reached an audience of over 45,000 associates and makers.

  • Incorporated over 10 disconnected systems into one experience.


Working with Savannah College of Art and Design, we designed and developed an innovative internal portal called SCADNotes. SCADNotes is a digital encyclopedia of the institution built with an attention to scalability and governance, as well as content evolution, to ensure its longevity. It turned every piece of content into a “note,” giving faculty and staff a single tool to find the information they need and accurately build collateral for SCAD.

  • Used geolocation so tour guides could access content for buildings and areas of interest near them.

  • Faculty could favorite notes to build their own “notebook” and content was color coded by campus, making specific content easy to find and re-find.

GGP wanted to give people a reason to come back to their malls. We built them a digital product that eliminated customer pain points, addressed unmet needs and delivered surprise and delight moments. A key feature of the new app was a seamless experience that could transition someone from the general website to an in-mall shopping tool. Every utility and design feature we added was backed by the identification of multiple customer personas.

  • Over 12,000 downloads the week that the app launched.

  • Offered interactive mall maps, in-mall navigation and parking spot search and reminders.
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