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Content Governance

Content Pillars + Brand Voice + Content Systems + Workflows + Communications Plans

Which Wich

Advertising has advanced a great deal since sandwich boards, but people still need to sell sandwiches. We developed an entirely new brand for Which Wich, starting with a new brand book and working all the way up through their entire digital ecosystem and in-store experience. We separated Which Wich from home kitchens and the largest quick service restaurant in the world by getting people to Crave Interesting.

  • 64% increase in online order receipts.

  • 15% overall visit growth.


We repositioned Plum within the marketplace, turning them from a cold, bleeding-edge smart dimmer to a luxurious, intuitive lightpad™ that consumers would want to welcome into their home. The work included a rename and full rebrand, including a new website, a complete brand book and updated packaging.

  • A successful second round of venture funding and 10,000+ units sold.

  • An updated app and user interface for streamlined installation, set up and usage.

Atlas Wearables

Atlas measures your success by measuring everything. By positioning other fitness trackers of the time as glorified pedometers we sold Atlas as the wristband that could identify your exercises, count your reps, calculate the calories you burn and evaluate your form. A complete brand book and communications plan transformed the company from scrappy startup to a fitness brand powerhouse. The work also included product naming and design, and content design for the wristband, app and tracking dashboard.

  • A successful Kickstarter with 5,000+ units sold.

  • Received coverage from TechCrunch, PC Magazine, Fast Company, ARS Technica, Men's Health and more.


NRG needed to differentiate their company from a well know legacy brand they had acquired, while still making current customers feel comfortable. By defining a corporate purpose, outlining content pillars and principles, adding an online personality and a spelling out a brand new voice and tone, we achieved the gentle separation. (Buying a football stadium probably helped too.) The full style guide included the basis for a design and content system that spanned across multiple websites, apps and digital and in-person experiences.

  • A successful retail launch across multiple states.

  • A consolidated digital ecosystem for easier customer use.

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