Sesame Street How Crayons Are Made

If you work with me long enough, I will reference the Sesame Street “Making Crayons” video.

I usually reference it as “the best how-to video of all time” or “the best industrial video of all time.” Because, frankly, it’s both. “Making Crayons” originally aired in December 1981 and in all the years since then I have yet to see a better how-to video.

Any company looking to make an industrial video that might get customers interested in their product should study “Making Crayons.”

Some key aspects:

      The opening and closing bookends where a little girl uses the product and then imagines how it’s made. It gives a story to the product, while showing the end user.

There’s not a single word of dialog. It’s assumed the audience can follow what’s going on. And this audience is kids. Never underestimate how much your audience can understand.

It doesn’t show everything. Over explaining gets in the way of story telling. A good how-to video or industrial video is just a short story. You don’t see the entire step-by-step process in this video, but you get the whole story.

All those elements combined, and a good soundtrack, give you a interesting industrial video.

Side note 1: It looks like crayons are still made this way today.

Side note 2: The music in the “Making Crayons” segment was done by Richard Harvey the opening and closing song is “Water Course A” and the music during the factory scenes is “Exchange.”