Justin Clemens’ Third-Person Bio

Justin Clemens

There’s was a time when it was easier to have a bio listed on my copywriter resume page than it was to rewrite it every time it was requested. It’s been a few years so this biography is out of date, but I’m not one to throw away good copy, so here’s my old copy-and-paste bio (I promise this will be the only time I write about myself in the third person):

Justin Clemens

Justin Clemens is responsible for staring at the blank page and filling it with content that makes an impression, including content that has to be limited to 140 characters.

Justin became interested in writing when his parents hung his terrible poetry next to his sister’s A+ test. He was in the third grade and competition for fridge space was fierce. Since that first experiment with iambic pentameter, Justin has gone on to write for a variety of clients, including Universal Studios, Procter & Gamble, PayPal, Chase, The Wall Street Journal, UPS, MSN, MTV, AMD, Dell, Disney, John Deere and JCPenney.

Justin specializes in content marketing and strategies, interactive advertising and branded content. He’s also a little bit obsessed with SEO copywriting. He has won multiple awards for advertising and copywriting, and has a slightly unhealthy addiction to queso.