Copywriter at Large

Copywriter at large business cardThere have been some changes around here. I have a new website and to go along with it, a new tagline for myself. Most people don’t need a personal tagline and truth be told, I probably don’t need one either. But it fills out a business card nicely and helps people remember who I am and what I do, like any good tagline.

The tagline I’ve been using for the last five years or so was “Copywriter at large” — it’s a good line and I know at least a few people remembered it by the fact that it shows up in my Google analytics. But, like any rebrand, a new look made me question if the copy still matched. In this case is didn’t. So I’m switching to the line, “Content that leaves an impression.”

The main reason behind the switch is, content that leaves an impression is what I hope to create on every project that I work on. And that’s was a good tagline is, everything you hope to do and be, in one sentence.